I’m Allison Davis, MS, LPCC, PhD (she/her), a holistic mental health counselor with a decade of experience theorizing and practicing intersectional ecofeminist psychology through expressive modalities. 

Your therapist’s theoretical orientation is important. It shapes how you’re seen and witnessed, how your therapist shows up with you, and methodological choices. 

As an ecofeminist therapist, I recognize your true nature as a part of nature (rather than apart from it). I see your strength and resilience as you face struggles that are your own and also social and environmental. I understand how your health is constrained by systems of oppression within and without, and I advocate for you (and by extension me and others) within our relationship and outside of it. I also believe we can’t solve problems with the same mindset that created them, and am trained in exploring co-creative process with Nature as openings to personal and collective growth and transformation. 

I’d love to support you on your journey, whether through therapy, mother circles, or professional mentoring. Book a free call to get in touch. 


foster ecological thinking and contact with nature for therapeutic purposes to support lifestyles that are psychologically healthy and ecologically sustainable


a world of interconnection and belonging: to support and be supported by our place within the harmony of the natural world


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