The 6 Initiations of

Earth-Honoring Motherhood

Reclaim Matrescence as a Rite of Passage, with Nature as Guide.

Can you hear the call?

Mothers are being called to take our place as sacred caretakers for the knowledge and resources that sustain all life on  our planet. 

But mothers are more lost, isolated, and overwhelmed than ever. Most new mothers don’t have a community to hold them through the transformative and often disorienting period of matrescence, the developmental period of motherhood.  We’re suffering because our mainstream culture has forgotten the wisdom about our transition and how to support us. 

By gathering together to mend and tend the web of mothering support, we can root into our Earth-honoring pasts and channel the transformative power of matrescence to become the wild guides we envision for ourselves, our families, and the planet.  

This group is offered as one way to honor your rite-of-passage as a mother, one that can ease your transition as well as offer a form of mothering identity that serves all of Life. 

Reclaim matrescence as a rite-of-passage, with Mother Nature as your guide.



Do you feel lost or unseen on your mothering journey? Wondering who you are or feeling like parts of yourself have been left behind or are lying dormant?

Reintegrate “you” into your mothering by breaking down limiting beliefs and falling deeply in love with your full natural self. Root confidently into who you are and your powerful role with a path and evidence-based ecopsychology practices to guide you and your family on your mothering journey. 

Circle 2


Do you feel overwhelmed, severed from sources of replenishment and craving meaningful connection to self, nature and spirit? Do you seek an approach to mothering that parallels the depth, power, and beauty of Mother Nature?

Remember respectful relationship with Mother Nature, discovering and trusting truths that will guide you and your family for the rest of your lives. Revitalize yourself with wild nourishment and illuminate your internal landscape so your nature can match the harmony of Mother Nature.

circle 3


Are you tired of other’s “expert” forms of mothering getting in the way of feeling alignment in your mother work? Are you searching for a way to make meaning of the felt experience of mothering beyond societal limitations? 

Root into your own empowering form of maternal practice by reentering your body as your guide. Explore your relationship with your child(ren) as a natural mirror to deepen and heal your motherline, your embodied ancestry. Reclaim aspects of yourself cultivated out of your motherline that no longer serve you or your family’s development. 

circle 4


Do you feel lonely and isolated, distanced from the beings and things you treasured before becoming a mother? Do you sometimes feel inadequate or like you’re “failing” and long for a council of mothers for community support and guidance?

Restore deep connection and belonging in your life as you anchor into the wisdom of the Earth and your ancestral motherline. Build community with other mothers who gather in deep and intentional ways with one another and nature, reweaving ourselves back into the web of life to access the full support and guidance available in our ecosystems. 

circle 5


Do you feel the story of yourself and your mothering is too small to align with your sacred experience?  Have you felt grief at how modernity marks motherhood and yearned for a way to mark the tremendous growth of this period of your life?

Expand the meaning of mothering in your life and ecosystem. Rewrite the story of your motherline to include your sacred responsibility to care for the knowledge and resources that protect and sustain Life on our planet. Engage in a self-generated ceremony, witnessed by your ecosystem, to honor the sacred life transition into motherhood and root your new vision of Self into the Earth. 

circle 6


Has mothering awakened in you a deep concern — stirring terror, rage, and hopelessness — about the state of the world? Do you yearn to address the limitations of overcivilization and the resulting harm to our families and our planet?

Learn to approach mothering as a revolutionary act, that allows us to reshape the story of our time from one of separation and domination to one of interconnectivity and justice. Learn ways to implement your sacred will into your family’s life through regular ritual practices and family-generated ceremony, helping your family develop a deep sense of ecosystem belonging through Earth-honoring practice. 

Facilitated by
Allison Davis, PhD

As a mother and maternal mental wellness ecotherapist, I help mothers root into who they are and who they are becoming with my approach to matrescence support that centers Nature as guide. 


The 6 initiations are delivered in six 1.5 hour meetings. Before each meeting you’ll receive instructions for how to prepare for the group eco-art invitation during our session. 

I ask for donations ranging from $20-$40 per group. This equals 120-$240, which you can pay up front. If this is a barrier, please  make other arrangements with me.

The course takes you through the themes above  which echo the rite-of-passage sequence of severance, in-between, and incorporation. 

Each module has an initiation, or a life lesson, that can open a certain portal of consciousness in this domain. through nature connection, backed by up-to-date research in the fields of nature therapy, ecopsychology, maternal psychology, and the developmental theory of matrescence. 

Fill out this brief registration form or book a call to get more details and enroll in the next group held in Santa Fe. I’ll be holding three groups this fall in various locations.

This is a gentle group. Some research supports that conscious attention and ceremony helps us through the transitory processes of becoming with more ease and often with less time.

Matrescence can last 10 years or many more. The transition into motherhood is not linear or marked by a child’s development. Although the first 3-4 years can be the most intense for many mothers, you can engage in this rite-of-passage to mark your becoming whenever you feel ready. We welcome you!

I am currently full in my individual caseload, but have a great referral list for licensed perinatal professionals in Santa Fe and New Mexico.