mother support

Get support outside of the medical model as you adjust and adapt to the work of being a mother. Identify areas you’ve grown the most and areas you might be experiencing growing pains. Plan future streams of support and explore self-generated ceremony to honor your transition. 


Individual therapy focusing on anxiety reduction and management, trauma treatment and resolution, and perinatal mental health. A focus on embodied and creative expressive methods grounded in the wisdom of the natural world. (currently full)

mother circles

Be a part of local mother circles supporting mothers during matrescence, the developmental period of motherhood. Reclaim motherhood as a rite-of-passage, with Nature as guide.


Professional mentoring to incorporate intersectional ecofeminist psychology and eco-art therapy into your practice. Training and support to run my Nature-guided motherhood curriculum in your community. 


Ecofeminist therapy is my therapeutic orientation, an integration of eco- and multicultural feminist psychologies. It’s an engaged form of counseling that considers a client within their full context and understands that personal change alone is inadequate for creating a more psychologically healthy and ecologically sustainable future.

I specialize in working with women and nonbinary clients, especially those who mother. However, I work with diverse clients  who resonate with my approach to the therapeutic relationship.

I approach gender as a process, as there are no “natural” or “unnatural” women and we are constantly being gendered in different ways. I also approach mothering as practice, and have worked with men and nonbinary people who identify as mothers. 

I do. I focus on anxiety management and reduction, trauma treatment and resolution (including intergenerational trauma), and perinatal mental health and matrescence (the developmental period of motherhood). I also offer seasonal mother circles, and am co-authoring a book on this ecofeminist psychological application to supporting maternal health with Dr. Aurelie Athan of Teacher’s College Columbia

I help clients co-create meaning with nature in order to allow the Earth to teach. This can include artistic activities which take place in a natural environment and/or use natural materials such as wood, grass, feathers, shells and clay. You might work directly in the environment and create permanent installations outdoors using natural materials or you might use the environment or scenery as inspiration for artwork. 

I offer therapy for clients within New Mexico, hold circles for mothers here, and mentor professionals looking to work within an ecofeminist psychological framework who live anywhere. If you are interested in coaching in some other capacity, please get in touch to discuss possibilities.

I’m available to talk and train on intersectional ecofeminist therapy, matrescence as a rite-of-passage, and my mother circle curriculum based in an ecofeminist psychological framework with expressive therapy. If you are interested in these or another topic, please get in touch to discuss possibilities. 

Yes, I offer a 15 minute call free to any interested client. Book a time on my calendar to schedule.  If no times work for you, please reach out through email.